Aaron Ramsey Undergoes Medical As Juventus Move Nears

By The Editor
on 14th January 2019

Aaron Ramsey completes the first stage of his medical as Juve move nears…


Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey has completed the first stage of his medical as his Juventus move nears with the Welshman set to join the Serie A giants in July, Goal.com reports.

Ramsey has been looking for a new club ever since the club retracted their offer for the 28-year-old and told him that he was free to go.

Ramsey spoke of his disappointment of how the situation played out and claimed that he was ready to sign an extension, though it wasn’t to be.

Given that the former Cardiff man is only legally able to negotiate with foreign clubs from January 1st, the fact that he’s secured an agreement with a new club this swiftly is impressive.

It does, however, throw up the notion that Ramsey wasn’t as keen to stay as he made out and the club may have got whiff of his interest in moving away.

According to Italian reporter┬áRomeo Agresti, Ramsey completed the first part of his medical in London which he describes a ‘formality’ designed to ‘avoid the spotlight’.

Only formalities remain before this move his announced and Ramsey’s 10-year tenure at Arsenal comes to an end.

Whether or not he’s a legend is subjective, but one thing’s for sure, Ramsey has written his own page in the book of history at the club.