I know, right – ‘another Arsenal site?’ Truthfully, Arsenal Central was born out of frustration at the current climate of online journalism and sports reporting.

I get it, views are essential, but the search for supremacy in the online space has led to some wild headlines and practices becoming common in this field.

Essentially, Arsenal Central brings you the latest news and views from around the world about our beloved club through our unique website design. The grided theme means the content is very easy to navigate on all devices.

However, when reporting on stories with quotes from those around the world of football, we aim to source the visual content to match those quoted – where possible – and give our readers full context of the entire story.

Words can be perceived a certain way when only viewed via text and can change the narrative surrounding an entire story.

One simple example is the headlines that followed off the back of Hector Bellerin’s Oxford Union’s address in 2018. He was asked about the rumours surrounding Alexis Sanchez relationship with others in the dressing room and the Spaniard claimed the former Barca man’s rallying cries “can be too much”.

A quick glance at the video and you would know what Bellerin meant – Alexis’ demands straddled the line of basic respect between teammates.

However, others ran with the quote started to get creative. The narrative that was painted is that Alexis desire to win was “too much” for his teammates – this is why visual content also matters.

Other than that, we aim to please all Gooners with our written content and, one day, build a loyal and passionate hub as the team continues its resurgence to put this club back where it belongs!