Arsene Wenger Claims Barcelona Joining The Premier League Wouldn’t Be “Normal”

By The Editor
on 6th October 2017

Arsene Wenger not entertaining Barcelona joining the Premier League…


Arsene Wenger has made it clear that’s not a fan of Barcelona potentially joining the Premier League should Catalonia get their wish and achieve independence.

Some ugly scenes emerged from the Catalonia region after the indigenous folks staged a referendum the Spanish authorities deemed illegal, leading to some violent policing from law enforcement.

While it’s heightened the tension between the two clans in a conflict which goes back a few generations, we’re still a long way before we see Catalonia gain independence.

However, should that ever be the case, it would leave the likes of Barcelona and Espanyol with uncertain futures, which has led to some far-fetched calls to invite Barcelona to the Premier League.

Wenger is completely against the idea and claimed that it would mean England would’ve made a political statement by siding with one party.

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“No, because as soon as you disturb the geographical unity or common sense, I believe it would not be normal,” Wenger told beinSPORTS.

“Because why not invite Celtic or Rangers to the Premier League, who are part of Great Britain, it makes more sense than to invite Barcelona?

“On a second level as well, if it doesn’t go well politically between Catalonia and Spain, it would mean a stand of support for Catalonia from England which certainly would not be welcome internationally politically.

“I don’t believe it is a scenario you can envisage in a realistic way,” Wenger concluded.

Many might wonder why Wenger is so invested in such topics, but it’s what makes him one of the most special figures in football.

There isn’t a topic in this sport in which he doesn’t have a valid take on, something which led to calls for him to run for leadership of FIFA.

Barcelona in Spain is how it should remain. I’m with Wenger.


source: beinSPORTS

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