Jack Butland: Jack Wilshere Is The Most Gifted Player In The England Squad

By The Editor
on 21st March 2018

Jack Butland says Jack Wilshere takes the title as the most gifted in the England squad…


Stoke City goalkeeper Jack Butland didn’t need much time to think when asked who he felt was the best player in the England squad, with the 25-year-old waxing lyrical on Jack Wilshere.

As the England squad gears up for a double-header of friendlies, the first of four before they kick-off their World Cup campaign against Tunisia, Butland sat down with Soccer AM to given the low-down on the England squad.

Wilshere is back among the ranks after proving his fitness over a sustained period of time, something those who’ve followed his career found inevitable given the nature of his injuries.

The 26-year-old has never suffered a significant soft-tissue injury, proving that his basic fitness remains among the best in the world.

Where he’s fallen short is the result of impact injuries, which he can do little about.

For Butland, though, Wilshere is a level above the rest of the camp when he’s fully fit.

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“If it wasn’t for his injuries, someone like Jack Wilshere,” Butland told Soccer AM.

“Incredibly technical, great ability.”

When pressed on his admiration for Jack Wilshere and if he’s the most gifted player in the squad, Butland responded: “Yeah, Jack’s been very unlucky with injuries.

“Everyone knows what he’s like in his prime, his ability to glide past people, to put the ball right on the spot for people. And his ability to break-up the game. He’s got it all.”

That’s the latest player in a long and very established list of players who’ve run out of superlatives when describing Wilshere – yet he still has a section of doubters.


source: Soccer AM