Stan Kroenke Sent Warning By United Arsenal Fans – Top Tweets From #WeCareDoYou

By The Editor
on 16th July 2019

Arsenal fans unite to send Stan Kroenke a clear message on social media – ‘#WeCareDoYou’…


Arsenal fans have united on social media to send owner Stan Kroenke a message calling for him to prove his desire to see us competing in the Premier League and in Europe.

Fans across various groups and blogs released a statement earlier today to send a clear warning to the absent American owner notifying him about the apathy growing among the fanbase.

The message was that this goes way beyond a single transfer window and that a gradual decline since his arrival in 2007 has left us in the position we’re in.

The statement uses Kroenke’s words against him, taken from his message to fans after completing a 100% takeover of Arsenal earlier this summer: ‘KSE’s ambitions for the club are to see it competing consistently to win the Premier League and the Champions League’, the Sports mogul wrote.

We haven’t been anywhere near challenging for those honours for the best part of a decade and the fact that Kroenke feels the need to set unrealistic targets has been viewed as lip service.

Our squad on the pitch lacks so much and the owners have been called to voice detailed plans on how it plans to take us back to the top.

The team are currently in Kroenke’s hometown of Denver to take on his MLS outfit Colorado Rapids, and pictures emerged this week of son Josh Kroenke visiting the training camp in Los Angeles.

With the season approaching, usual optimism has been overshadowed by a universal feeling among the fanbase that we’re in a sad predicament which could see us drift further behind.

The fan groups – as well as thousands of others via an online petition – have had enough and want to make their feelings known.

Check out some of the tweets from the online protest below.