Theo Walcott Names Two Ex-Arsenal Stars In His Ultimate Five-A-Side Team

By The Editor
on 21st August 2018

Theo Walcott clearly thinks highly of Santi Cazorla…


Former Arsenal star and Gunners centurion Theo Walcott was recently quizzed on who he’d choose in an ultimate five-a-side team from any player in history, Unscriptd reports.

These tasks are usually given with the caveat that each player must be one you’ve played with during your career, but Walcott was given such restrictions.

Fielding a 1-2-1 formation in front of an agile goalkeeper, Walcott went with Brazil and AC Milan legend Dida as his goalkeeper – and not just because of his skills between the sticks.

“For five-a-side having a tall ‘keeper may not be good, but I feel if I’m struggling with my five-a-side team, put him up front,” Walcott explained.

Just where he got the idea that Dida can play outfield I have no idea.

The Everton man then went with Roberto Carlos as his sole defender before opting for a player he recently shared a dressing room with – Wayne Rooney.

Walcott said he’d have England and Man Utd’s record goalscorer as a central midfielder alongside the iconic genius – Santi Cazorla.

As an Arsenal fan, you’ll know that this comes as no surprise. The players regularly put him among their most talented teammates and it’s not hard to see why.

“When I was at Arsenal the manager would do the teams, Santi would be on that side and I’d be on the opposite team, I’d be like: ‘well, we’ve lost now because Santi’s on that team’,” Walcott explained.

Up front, it’s the king – Thierry Henry.