Arsenal Legend: Arsene Wenger Still The Right Man

By The Editor
on 10th November 2017

Robert Pires backs Arsene Wenger…


Former Arsenal midfielder Robert Pires says his belief that Arsene Wenger is the right man to take us forward hasn’t wavered despite our damaging defeat to Manchester City last weekend.

The 3-1 loss to Pep Guardiola’s high-flying side led to fresh doubts about Wenger should’ve extended his contract last summer and whether or not he can achieve the aims he set himself upon renewing his deal.

Ivan Gazidis and Wenger both unequivocally stated that challenging for the Premier League title was the club’s aim, yet we find ourselves 12 points behind the league leaders in November.

However, for Pires, he accepted that his opinion on Wenger – which is biased due to their current and longstanding relationship – will never change.

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“Well you know, when I talk about Arsenal I’m always confident, always positive,” Pires told ESPN.

“For me, he’s (Wenger) still the man.  He has done well for a long, long time.

“Sometimes it’s difficult with a lot of pressure from the fans and media, but he’s always very relaxed and confident. He always believes in the players, and that’s a positive.

“We lost the last game against Man City, but City have played really very well since the beginning of the season.”

You can never expect Pires to fluctuate in his opinion about Wenger, a man who practically gave him his career in the top flight of European football.

Despite being an Arenal hero, you get the sense that the former wizard is more loyal to Wenger than he is to the club, and so his backing of the manager is expected – also, he’s still an Arsenal employee.

Check out his take on our season so far in the video above.


source: ESPN FC 

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