Liverpool’s Joe Gomez Hails Arsenal Icon As His Childhood Superhero

By The Editor
on 17th November 2022

Liverpool’s Joe Gomez was mesmerised by Thierry Henry…


Liverpool defender Joe Gomez hailed Arsenal legend, Thierry Henry, as his superhero growing up with the 25-year-old’s father being a massive Gooner, he told the Pitch Side podcast.

Gomez, born and raised in London, was a Charlton Athletic academy graduate before making the move up north to Liverpool in 2015.

Like many born in the 1990s, Henry had a massive impact on Gomez while watching football during the Frenchman’s peak years as he treated the Premier League like his personal playground.

The Belgium coach is undoubtedly the greatest player in Premier League history and the admiration for him goes far beyond north London.

“Probably Henry,” Gomez said when asked about his childhood hero.

“He’s the man, ain’t he? 

“It’s because I was a London boy, my dad supported Arsenal and it was the pinnacle of Henry. He seemed like a superhero. What a guy.”

That ‘Henry tax’ refuses to run out of juice with the legendary Frenchman responsible for inspiring an entire generation and converting most into Arsenal fans.

Those fans have since become professional players and it’s often revealed that a new player has joined the club due to the allure of Henry’s playing days.

May that live and may we begin to create new history.

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