Robert Pires Mocks Joey Barton’s ‘Frenglish’ Accent In Humorous Tutorial

By The Editor
on 14th June 2016

Arsenal legend Robert Pires seems to be using his spare time by teaching people how to speak English in a French accent, and couldn’t help but poke fun at Joey Barton’s cringeworthy attempt while on loan at Marseille.

After a fiery end to the 2011/12 campaign, where Barton attempted to take on the whole Manchester City side in a fight, he spent the next season on loan at the Ligue 1 club.

In what has now transpired into an infamous press conference, Barton responded to criticism while speaking in a French accent, and Pires clearly wasn’t impressed.

Watch him poke fun at the former Burnley player while showing him how it’s done.