“We Felt Cheated” – Cesc Fabregas Depicts What Happened In The Tunnel During ‘Pizzagate’

By The Editor
on 29th March 2019

Cesc Fabregas depicts what exactly happened on that infamous night at Old Trafford…


Former Arsenal skipper Cesc Fabregas has depicted, in detail, what exactly happened in the tunnel at Old Trafford on that infamous night which has since been dubbed as ‘Pizzagate’, beIN SPORTS reports.

After the hosts ended our 49-match unbeaten run in controversial fashion, tempers flared in the tunnel area which resulted in Sir Alex Ferguson being hit by a pizza slice.

For years, speculation was rife that it was Fabregas who threw the pizza which landed on the former Manchester United boss, but many refused to confirm it.

The Spaniard finally let the cat out of the bag during an appearance on Sky’s A League of Their Own show in 2017.

However, the Monaco star has finally gone into detail as to what transpired on that night and why he felt compelled to lob a pizza slice amid the melee.

“The way it happened we felt a little cheated you know because we didn’t deserve to lose to that game we were upset and there was a little bit of a fight,” Fabregas narrated.

“When you have thirty players going into the dressing room, it’s a little bit tight there was a little pushing around and a small fight. Because I didn’t play I was one of the first players to go into the tunnel and I just saw a pizza because I was hungry.

“I started hearing shouts and I went out and saw Rio Ferdinand all the big boys Thierry [Henry], and Sol Campbell going together, getting into a fight.

“When you are young and I was a little like this.

“I just didn’t know what to do as I was so small and skinny and to be honest I didn’t aim at anyone, but Man United were on one side so I just did it because there was nothing I could do because the tunnel was full of big guys having an argument,” the World Cup winner concluded.

The 2004/05 season was Fabregas’ first among the first-team and it was that spiky attitude, along with his sensational talent, which immediately endeared him to the Gunners faithful.

His status as a legend has somewhat been tainted by his recent stint at London rivals Chelsea and some haven’t forgiven the acrimonious way by which he departed the club in 2011.

Having said that, Fabregas’ important chapter as Arsenal’s talisman cannot be denied.