Michael Owen Predicts Another Season Outside The Top Four For Arsenal

By The Editor
on 2nd October 2017

Michael Owen doesn’t rate our Champions League hopes…


Michael Owen believes that Arsenal are not good enough to finish inside the top four this season despite our turnaround in form since the defeat at Liverpool.

Speaking after our 2-0 win against Brighton, Owen stated that he sees another disappointing season for us and even had us finishing below Everton before the season began.

The former Liverpool man has become notorious for predicting Champions League disappointments for us before each campaign, to the point that one wonders if it’s a ploy to rile Arsenal fans and increase engagement.

He finally got his wish last term and doesn’t seem to be letting up on his narrative, though the flaws behind his thought process were exposed in the clip above.

“No, I don’t. I don’t think they’re good enough at the moment – fifth, sixth, seventh,” Owen said on BT Sport.

“They’ll finish in one of those three players.

“At the start of the season, I probably expected Everton to do a bit better, so you’d say there’s a ‘big seven’ maybe.

“You’d probably say Arsenal are fifth or sixth best at the minute.”

The fact that Owen had us finishing below Everton, just because of their huge outlay last summer proves why he’s consistently ridiculed for his opinions

Also, he’s clearly reneged on that prediction due to Ronald Koeman’s side’s horrendous start to the season, yet seems staunch in his initial opinion of Arsenal.

If we do finish inside the top four come May, one thing’s for sure, Owen – such is the nature of modern-day punditry – can carry on with no hint of accountability.


source: BT Sport