Arsenal Legend Offers His Services To Unai Emery: I Want To Be Part Of The New Coaching Staff

By The Editor
on 8th June 2018

Robert Pires wants to be part of Unai Emery’s coaching staff if he’s needed…


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Arsenal legend Robert Pires has offered his services to Unai Emery should the new Gunners boss require his assistance among the new-look coaching staff, Goal reports.

It was announced before Emery’s arrival that most of Arsene Wenger’s trusted lieutenants had been shown the door, including Neil Banfield, Boro Primorac and Tony Colbert.

Jens Lehmann and Steve Bould have been offered roles to stay at the club, according to reports, though it remains to be seen if they accept those offers and what exactly would be expected of them.

However, it’s often the case that when a manager with little Premier League experience is given a top job in England that they add a familiar face to their coaching staff.

Pires has been in and around the club for the past few days, acting as a link between the players and management while also being an ambassador of the club.

“For the moment it’s very difficult, very tough. I know the manager has a lot of responsibility. The fans, the media put the pressure on, the sponsors, the CEO, the owner,” Pires said when asked if he had any intentions of becoming a manager in the near future.

“But, if I can, I want to be part of the club with Unai Emery. I can learn, I can watch and maybe one day I can do my coaching badges. But for the moment, no.”