Arsenal Legend Patrick Vieira: Gunners Need Physicality In Midfield To Win The Title

By The Editor
on 24th December 2017

Patrick Vieira was a guest at Arsenal’s thriller against Liverpool…


Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira believes his former club cannot expect to win the Premier League again without addressing the lack of physicality in midfield.

Vieira, speaking to Sky Sports ahead of our 3-3 thriller, was asked about the midfield pivot of Jack Wilshere and Granit Xhaka – which theoretically embodied the constant stick many have beaten Arsene Wenger with.

Two technically gifted players who’re are the best with the ball at their feet, though aren’t necessarily known for winning the ball back and protecting the back four.

It’s a job Wenger usually had two midfielders doing in the centre of the park, and we’ve failed to win a league title since he skewed away from that philosophy.

Vieira, who’s won league titles alongside the likes of Emmanuel Petit, Edu & Gilberto Silva, believes Wenger needs to return to his old ways.

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“They have different characteristics,” The former Arsenal skipper said when asked about our current midfield.

“Petit and myself, we used to be really aggressive because that was our strength.

“When you look at Wilshere and Xhaka, they are more technical than physical. That is the direction the manager wanted to take.

“When you look at the balance of the [Arsenal] team, physical presence is important to win the Premier League,” Vieira added.

Vieira is currently working for the enemy, something which certainly erks Arsenal fans around the world given what he did for us.

The Frenchman is embroiled within the Man City system, going from an ambassador to the head coach of the U18 team – and is now manager of New York City, a ‘family’ club.

It seems, as with many other former players, his characteristics are not compatible with that of Wenger and if he is to return, it will be once the boss eventually retires.


source: Sky Sports