Jamie Carragher: Arsenal Are Antonio Conte’s Biggest Problem

By The Editor
on 29th October 2022

Jamie Carragher analyses the differing moods in north London…


Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has stated that the biggest threat to the perception of Antonio Conte’s work at Tottenham is what’s happening across north London at the Emirates Stadium, The Telegraph reports.

After pipping us to fourth spot last season, many onlookers lazily expected Spurs to go up another level and even challenge Manchester City for the title.

However, after starting the season efficiently despite producing mundane performances, Conte’s luck has hit a brick wall and he’s lost three of his last five Premier League games.

It’s led to some murmurs of discontent with the style of football giving those lot done the round flashbacks of the brief Jose Mourinho era.

For Carragher, though, he’s baffled by any internal criticisms of Conte and suggested the Italian’s coaching method has never wavered.

“Conte has a major problem at Tottenham Hotspur. It is called Arsenal,” Carragher wrote in his column.

“One team in North London is generating headlines for playing with a youthful, energetic swagger. The other is seen as more pragmatic and counter-attacking.

“Neither side is ‘right’ or ‘better’ in their approach – it remains to be seen whether Arteta or Conte win more trophies at the end of their respective reigns – but Tottenham supporters are looking at their rivals & craving similar edge-of-the-seat football.”

Spurs are getting exactly what it says on the tin with regards to Conte’s coaching philosophy, despite spending months attempting to convince themselves the former Inter boss was a progressive coach.

Also, with Conte’s constant threats about leaving and his contract set to expire in June, this doesn’t seem like a relationship that was ever supposed to be long-term.

On the other hand, Arteta is the captain of a long-term project at Arsenal and every decision made by the club over the past 18 months has been in line with the overall process.

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