The Mirror’s John Cross: This Is A “Contract Too Far” For Arsene Wenger

By The Editor
on 27th March 2017

John Cross feels the time is up for Wenger…


The Mirror’s chief sports writer John Cross appeared on Richard Keys and Andy Gray’s show and Arsene Wenger was the main top of discussion for the trio.

Cross believes that the general consensus is that Wenger will extend his contract to remain at Arsenal for another two years, and the journalist believes that it’s not a good idea.

Cross is known as an Arsene Wenger advocate on social media, but it seems that he displays his true feelings when asked about the managerial situation on TV.

Keys put the question we all want to be answered to the mainstream reporter: why haven’t Arsenal announced the new contract if it’s already agreed?

“It’s the timing,” Cross told Keys.

“Arsenal and Wenger are acutely aware of the fan backlash and the fan frustration and I feel we’re in a really strange place with Arsenal.

“He’s the one man that’s led them down the path into needing a rebuild, it’s baffling and I do think it’s a contract too far.”

While they whisper these thoughts to each other, one wonders why these journalists who get to sit in front of Wenger each week do not pose these questions to him.

Wenger told the world that he’d made a decision on his future and that the world will soon know, yet he was allowed to waltz out of the press conference without being pressed on giving an answer.

I wouldn’t be surprised if batted any questions regarding his future before he faces the press ahead of a crunch match against Manchester City on Sunday.

Check out John Cross’ full take on Wenger’s future in the video above.



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